Oh, you're already convinced ?

About me

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Jérémie Philippe. Basically I’m awesome and my best quality is my modesty, of course.

I’m a belgian graphic designer who’s currently learning web design. I really put my heart into my work and I love learning new things. When I’m not working or lost in my thoughts, I like to create little illustrations, to do screen printing or linocut. I’m also a really funny man. At least, I think so.

What I do

Cool, the part were I can express all my modesty. I’m that kind of guy you could call « resourceful ». I adapt quite quickly to my problems and thanks to that, I learned a few skills. Basically, I can create brand identities, design website, edit videos and pictures and many more. I also know CSS well and I try to get along with javascript.

I probably already said it but my guilty pleasure is animation and illustration. It took me a while to understand I could evolve in those domains but now I’m trying my best to get better.